A Guide to Low Cost Auto Insurance in California

One thing new car owners often forget about is the added cost of car insurance. It is important to do some research before signing that dotted line and driving out of the dealership. Did you know even the type of car you drive can affect your insurance costs? Promax Auto Insurance Agency is a family-owned business that wants to help you understand the in’s and out’s of your auto insurance and provide services you can trust at a reasonable price.  Low-cost auto insurance in California is possible, and Promax wants to help you obtain it.


Purchasing or leasing a vehicle is, after all, a financial commitment. Now let’s add the monthly cost of car insurance; something a lot of folks fail to remember when browsing the dealership. Insurance agencies review multiple factors when coming up with your auto insurance quote. What type of car are you considering? Theft and accident rates are taken into consideration when formulating a quote on your premium. These “high risk” vehicles can end up costing you more than you thought.

Are you looking for a vehicle for business purposes or for leisure? Why you are driving can also affect your auto insurance in California. Promax wants to ensure that you are not paying for insurance you do not need. Business purposes may end up costing you more monthly, so be sure to communicate the reasons why you are driving to avoid any premiums that are not working in your favor.


Now that you understand what factors may contribute to the formation of your premium, let discuss how Promax will help you in your endeavor to achieve low-cost auto insurance in California. At Promax Insurance Agency, we want to use our 45 plus years of experience to make sure you are agreeable to and understand the coverage you receive.

Getting auto insurance quotes can be a daunting task. Calling and comparing all of the corporate companies that promise to give you the best deal is enough to put anyone off shopping for the insurance they need. With Promax, we will take care of that for you. Finding low-cost auto insurance for our customers is our mission. Let us do the shopping and get you the instant auto insurance quotes that you understand.

It is easy to receive your quote today. Our website provides three different ways you can research auto insurance quotes in California. Fill out our online form, call our number and speak with a live representative, or get an instant, online quote with one of our carriers; Mercury Insurance. As an independent agency, we at Promax are not working for one brand of insurance. The commitment is in finding you customized, individual coverage that will suit your needs. It is vital to our responsibility as a reputable company, that you are not paying a dollar more than you need to for your insurance coverage.

For more visit us at http://www.promaxinsuranceagency.com




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